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The Weekly Playlist - Eliza Shaddad

Eliza Shaddad – Run
On her new song Run, Scottish-Sudanese singer Eliza Shaddad’s voice barely rises as she delivers a slow-burn, powerful word of caution – “Run before I ruin you“. She doesn’t need to resort to any theatrics to set the mood. Very very well done. I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot of Ms. Shaddad’s music in future editions of this playlist.

Chromatics – Kill For Love
I heard this in the trailer for the movie Equals. It has the kind of intense but dreamy vibe that works great with visuals. Or driving. Or a party when it goes from night to early morning.

Caribou – Back Home
Wait for the chorus.

Goo Goo Dolls – Name
A proper dose of Nineties nostalgia.

Bill Evans – My Foolish Heart
When you need a soundtrack to quiet time.

Image Courtesy: Eliza Shaddad Official / Photo by Hollie Fernando