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The Weekly Playlist - Lissie

Lissie – Don’t You Give Up on Me
Hands down the best female vocalist I’ve heard in the past five years. Can’t wait to hear the new album, out February 2016.

Florist – Marine Drive
If I went on a beach holiday and wandered around taking a lot of photographs and talking to people, this is the kind of song that would soundtrack it.

Night Beds – Tide Teeth
Nashville-based Night Beds is one of my favourites and the beautiful vocal on this song should tell you why.

Bob Seger – We’ve Got Tonight
Such a classic. This is the kind of song you hear as a kid, don’t understand, and then rediscover decades later.

Band Of Merrymakers – Joy To The World
A pop supergroup brings you Christmas standards. There’s even a guitar solo. I love it!