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The Weekly Playlist - The Weeknd

The Weeknd – False Alarm
[Warning: This video is violent and if you think you might be disturbed by it you should check out the audio-only versions available elsewhere] I like the energy of this with the music and sound effects.

The xx – On Hold
New music! So looking forward to it.

Bear’s Den – Dew On The Vine
Love the song, the voice and the vibe.

Kevin Morby – Tiny Fires
Dead Oceans is one of my favourite record labels. I check in from time to time with what they’re doing and discover great new artists and songs like this one. Enjoy.

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah
I was having trouble picking just one song to honour Leonard Cohen’s life’s work. After much deliberation I decided that this should be the one. We’ve heard it performed by so many different artists over the years, it’s time to dial it back and listen to the original. Thank you for the music Mr. Cohen.