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The Weekly Playlist - Jack Grace

Jack Grace – Hills
Cinematic electronica from Sydney musician Jack Grace – our favourite find of the week.

Peter Cat Recording Co. – I’m Home
I’ve only ever seen Delhi band Peter Cat Recording Co. perform live once, four years ago in Mumbai but they really made an impression. This song from their new release sounds to me like the excellent British musician Richard Hawley if he went on a flight to space, stuck his head out the window and recorded along the way. I know there’s no sound in space. That’s just how I think this song sounds. Check out the whole album, these guys are really good.

City Of The Sun – Intro (The xx cover) – Sofar New York
This is something else! I’m a big fan of the music of The xx and I always marvel at how they do so much with so few elements. New York trio City of The Sun take two guitars, a cajon box, and ghungroos and put on a riveting 6-minute plus live performance that makes you wish you’d been there to watch it unfold.

Bruce Springsteen – Lonesome Day
I did not know this song when it came out. Discovered it on the radio this week.

Eminem feat. Gwen Stefani – Kings Never Die
I heard this in a trailer and it’s stuck in my head.