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The Weekly Playlist - David Gilmour

J. Viewz featuring Wild Cub – Into The Light
So many of my happy places come together in this song! It started off with a synth sound from The Karate Kid, a movie that was a big influence on me growing up (the sample was later replaced but it kicked things off all the same), it has vocals by Keegan DeWitt of Wild Cub (whose excellent song Thunder Clatter I remixed last year), and this is dream/synth pop done beautifully. A sound reference for this was the song Néon by French musician Para One which reminded me of the composer Steve Reich whose RBMA lecture I attended in London in 2010. Like I said before – so many happy places all coming together! You can learn more about the making of this song here.
I heard snippets of this song at a fashion week I was working at recently and it was a task to piece it together to figure out what it was. So worth it.

Noisettes – Never Forget You
That chorus when the electric guitar kicks in under the sweet retro melody is killer.

David Gilmour – The Girl In The Yellow Dress
How good is this?

Leo Moracchioli – Fatty Boom Boom (Metal cover)
I love this song. This version takes it to the next level. Well done Mr. Moracchioli.

Leo Moracchioli – Greased Lightning
I liked his covers so much, here’s another one.