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The Weekly Playlist -  Jessie Ware

Ben Howard – End Of The Affair
Ben Howard, proving why he is one of the most exciting musicians of this generation. This track is the first release from his upcoming album, one that I’m really looking forward to.

Jessie Ware – Share It All
British singer/songwriter Jessie Ware collaborates with The xx guitarist/vocalist Romy Madley-Croft on this new release. It’s as good as it promises to be. Ware is a very very good vocalist and The xx… what can I say that I haven’t before? I love The xx. The individual elements of their songs seem so slight but when put together the effect is really quite stunning. Like tiny, perfectly formed pieces coming together to make a thoroughly stunning whole. Their touch is all over this new release from Ware.

Wyatt – Attention
I know nothing about this artist or this song but it made an impression when it was played to me and I’ve been analysing it since to figure out why. It’s kind of hard to break down though. I do know that the vocal layers come together to create a very strong mood. Ah well, why describe it in words when you can just listen to the song.

Dire Straits – So Far Away
I heard most of Dire Straits’ catalogue when I was really young (and stupid). Some songs stuck, others I didn’t get. This was one that slipped through the cracks. I heard it again recently and it’s like I’ve discovered it for the first time. Mark Knopfler’s guitar is something else.

Del Amitri – Roll To Me
If I had only 2 minutes and 13 seconds to lift someone’s spirits up, this is the song I would play for them. You can’t help sing along. Then there’s the nuts video. Why are they being transported in shopping carts? I don’t know but it seems like fun!

Image Courtesy: Jessie Ware Official