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Music from the Cocktail OST

Loco Dice feat. Giggs – Get Comfy (Underground Sound Suicide)
German artist Loco Dice offers up this song as the first single from his upcoming album Underground Sound Suicide. It was all the activity in the highs that hooked me – the high hats, the bell riff, and the flange/doppler ride.

Ry Cooder – All Shook Up
I watched Cocktail properly for the first time this week (was too young when it came out). How great is the soundtrack? And this version of the Elvis classic is the best!

Robin Loxley & Jay Hawke – Owe You Nothing
It’s hard to run a search for Robin Loxley the musician because, you know, all that Robin Hood, Robin of Loxley stuff. I couldn’t find anything really about the musician behind this song so here it is without any context. It’s a big booming song of the kind that could help you on a slow day this week.

Macy Gray – She Ain’t Right For You
If you like Macy Gray but I Try is the only song you’ve got, this is the one you should check out next.

Whitebear – Depth Charge
Slow-build soundscapes are great for when you want to listen to something late at night but can’t deal with any of the familiars. It’s hypnotic but not so emotional that it leaves you more awake than you were before you began listening.