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Young The Giant – My Body
I go back to the gym this week and this song will be the one pushing me to pursue the cardio routine when I’m struggling at the 5 minute mark. I suggest you add this to any playlist that you will turn to when the energy levels are low.

As an added bonus, here is the sweetest cover version I’ve seen, probably ever. Two brothers – the older one plays guitar and is really committed to the vocal. The younger one, playing percussion, is just so cool. He comes, plays, leaves. Unfazed. It’s a really good cover too.

Kip Moore – Crazy One More Time
I found this one on a late night, random listening Soundcloud excursion. I really like the atmosphere and mood that builds up. The lack of punchy chorus is a little frustrating but I chose to treat this as an exercise in keeping focussed instead of listening for the next audio trick that pop radio habituates us to.

Gary Clark Jr – Bright Lights
Instant classic. A blues riff up there with the best.

John Mayer: Sounds From A Thursday Evening – Video Games
Being a John Mayer fan is tough. I didn’t realise it involved working very very hard to convince people of how great an artist he is. But sometimes he makes things a little easy for us – like the time he put out an instrumental cover of Lana Del Ray’s hit Video Games. Mysteriously titled ‘Sounds from A Thursday Evening’, the file just appeared without hype on Soundcloud. People listened… and then lost it. For the next three plus minutes just listen to his guitar. Maybe for one day at least you will hear what he’s really all about.

Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West – Erase Me
Cudi goes pop-rock and shows us how it’s done.