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The Weekly Playlist - Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue – Into The Blue
A little dance-pop to kick the week off. No one does it quite as well as Kylie. Here is her latest release.

Mark McGuire – In Search Of The Miraculous (Shinji Masuko Remix)
Pretty melodies over big guitars and wild drums all building to a crescendo. Masterful.

Diane Birch – Speak A Little Louder
This song does a great job of showcasing American singer/songwriter/pianist Diane Birch’s talents.

Augustana – Boston
After this song released in 2005, it quickly became a frequently played song in several TV shows. Leonard even covered it in The Big Bang Theory! It’s been a few years and we’re in the mood for some pop-rock nostalgia, so here it is.

The Social Network OST – Hand Covers Bruise (Acoustic Guitar version)
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s soundtrack for David Fincher’s The Social Network spawned a thousand imitations. The manic energy generated by seemingly static, buzzing, slow-building soundscapes is inspirational. What is hard to replicate though is the delicate balance of this piece – Hand Covers Bruise. It’s my favourite off the soundtrack and guitarist Gregory Campbell Johnson does a good cover version of the entire piece only on acoustic guitar. Check it out and then listen to the original below.

The Social Network OST – Hand Covers Bruise (Original)