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The Weekly Playlist - Para One

Les Sages Poètes De La Rue – Le Train de Minuit
From time to time I get a glimpse into the world of French hip-hop and it blows me away. I don’t know why I haven’t explored it more deliberately. This is the year.

Para One – Girlhood
This one from the OST of the French film Girlhood gives me a very strong Steve Reich flashback. It’s a beautiful piece and works well alone even outside of the movie.

Flume and Chet Faker – Drop The Game
With every new song I hear that involves Chet Faker in anyway, I become more of a fan.

Sweater Beats – Cloud City
I didn’t know anything about LA-based producer Antonio Cuna aka Sweater Beats when he turned up as a recommendation on my Soundcloud page. I just liked his artist name so I checked out the music and it turned out to be cool. I really like this song.

Cheb Mami and K-Mel – Parisien Du Nord
An old favourite. Every few years I think about it and pull it up. It holds up really well.