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Mr Little Jeans – Oh Sailor
Mr Little Jeans is actually a Ms – Norwegian singer/songwriter Monica Birkenes – and I really like the way her voice sounds on this song. I don’t know the track very well, having discovered it only recently but I’m looking forward to checking out more of her music.

Amos Lee – November Rain
A series of random song searches led me to this track. I hadn’t heard it in years – it had been relegated to a Twitter mention every time there were unseasonal rains in, well, November. Listening to this cover brought the memories back, the strongest being how it was on MTV’s morning playlist and it always seemed to come on right when I had to leave for school. But I just had to listen to all 8 minutes 57 seconds of it, every time. So I’d be late and rushing out the door. And let’s not get started on The Dress. Every girl I knew who watched the video was certain that she would get herself a version of the dress in the video. It wasn’t even wedding related. We all just wanted it. Last I checked, good sense prevailed and no one I know has actually gone through with that. In any case, here is Amos Lee and his band doing a great job on the cover.


John Mayer – Edge Of Desire Apartment Sessions
This is a rare recording of a song off Mayer’s Battle Studies album. He released it as a free download in 2009 with this note:

“I’ve been thinking of a way to say thank you for making Battle Studies such a huge success out of the gate… I’ve also been thinking of a way to use tumblr as a means of posting some more substantial stuff… So here’s a very raw, live solo version of “Edge of Desire” I just recorded in my apartment as a way to show my gratitude to you all for extending my time in this amazing career you’ve helped me build.

I think if you were kind enough to spent the 13 bucks, you should get some free music for the next good while.

So here it is. A song about late night longing recorded at 3am. iPhone dinging in the background and all…(that’s how I knew the take was going to be worth sticking with, as the best takes always get interrupted.)

Thank you.

More to come…”

Angelique Kidjo – Azan Nan Kpé
I heard this song in a commercial for Lee Cooper jeans a long time ago. I loved it and had no idea what it was, but a few months later, E magically came across the single and so now we know! I still don’t know what the lyrics mean and I don’t seem to want to find out. The mystery is fine. It’s just a beautiful beautiful song.


Morningwood – Nth Degree
No big emotional story about this one, just random notes – I missed the innuendo in the band’s name for the longest time, and it was my cardio song for a long stretch in 2010.


Nouvelle Vague – Master & Servant
Bossa Nova covers of rock songs is just such a good idea. I first heard Nouvelle Vague when they covered Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself (missed the innuendo there as well – clearly a pattern). I had never heard the original Master & Servant by Depeche Mode until last week at a Bring Your Own Vinyl night in the city. Great song, two versions. Here is the one I heard first.

Images: Nouvelle Vague