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Kings of Leon – Use Somebody (RAC Remix)
Producer Andre Allen Anjos does little things that take this already great song to the next level – the hook seems more focussed, the energy more relentless. This one was made for repeat play.

The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Burns Remix)
This is a favourite for the catwalk at fashion week and a different version is good to hear.

Adele – Hometown Glory (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)
This was the first song I heard by Adele and I like this remix. I know to the purists it may seem terrible that The Voice has been subjected to a seemingly flip dance music treatment, but if you can’t have fun with a good song, what’s the point?

Kanye West – Love Lockdown (Flying Lotus Remix)
I hadn’t heard the original when this remix by producer Flying Lotus came my way. Great vibe and great distillation of a really good song.

Gary Jules – Mad World (Phuture Primitive Remix)
This is such an intense song and it has been married to some really intense images in film and video, so it becomes a bit difficult to listen to it casually. This remix works to paint the song in a new light and it’s a good breather.

Calvin Harris – Feel So Close (Nero Remix)
This remix by producer Nero seems to heighten what is an already good song. I’d say it does it so well that the original seems a bit loose in comparison.