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The Weekly Playlist - Lady Antebellum

Cardiknox – Wasted Youth
Some cool synth-pop courtesy New York-based duo Cardiknox. This is the first song I’ve heard by them – discovered in a random beauty video I ended up watching online – and I’m looking forward to more. They’re currently touring with OneSmallWindow favourite Betty Who so we think if they’re playing in your area you should check them out.

Inara George – It’s Raining
I heard this song in a living room performance a few years ago when we were filming a documentary about blues music in India. I didn’t know it at the time and encountered the original soon after in the movie Bridesmaids. This song rarely features in lists of classics but I think it should, given how beautiful it is.

Ray Barbee and The Mattson 2 – Yeppers
You must watch this great documentary about this skateboarder in Weekend Watching and then listen to this song by his music project.

Hudson & Troop – Frameless
It’s hard to separate the appeal of this song from its really good video but the combination makes for excellent listening and viewing, and you should check it out.

Lady Antebellum – Need You Now
This may be the most earnest song ever about a what appears to be a booty call. Plus, 72 million views on YouTube. Proof that there’s a lot of folk who just can’t resist some good country rock/pop.

Image Courtesy: Lady Antebellum Official