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The Weekly Playlist - Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges – Twistin’ & Groovin’ (Live on Austin City Limits)
Old-school, throwback, classic – call it whatever you want, I just know that this song makes my brain feel good. If it does that for you too, it’s a great way to start the week.

James Bay – Best Fake Smile
Best New Artist Grammy Nominee James Bay turns it up with this one. Hand claps, guitar stabs, a big chorus? You’ve got my attention! Also, the kid in the video is a cool character.

Duncun Rufus – Mary’s Song
I began writing songs when I was in college many years ago and didn’t venture near a stage until much later, but I was aware of all the musicians who performed at college events and I remember Duncun Rufus frontman Lima Yanger as a vocalist we all thought was very talented. Last month, I ran into his wife at an event after which she sent me a link to the music he’s making now. The man’s got chops and you can listen to this song and hear for yourself why he made an impression all those years ago.

Trevor Hall – Still Water (Live from California Roots 2015)
This one is chill and super emotional at the same time. Then comes the spoken word/rap section. All kinds of awesome.

Mystery Jets – Bubblegum
I could stand to listen to that driving bass + guitar playing in a loop for a long time. Really good energy.