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The Weekly Playlist - Bleachers

Bleachers and Tinashe – I Wanna Get Better
I really liked the ’80s influenced arena pop of the Bleachers’s first album Strange Desire. Terrible Thrills Vol. 2 is a reworking of the album with all-female lead singers. Star names include Sia, Charli XCX, Carly Rae Jepsen, Sara Bareilles, Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks and Tinashe. The songs are really good and it’s great to see the ladies put their own spin on the new versions. Here’s the excellent I Wanna Get Better.

Tate Kobang – Bank Rolls (Remix)
I couldn’t stop listening to this once I hit play. Be warned, there is strong language so don’t listen out loud if you’re at work or some place they don’t approve of strong language.

Jamie Lawson – Wasn’t Expecting That
I discovered this only recently. When it began to play I kept thinking it would go wrong but it didn’t. And then it got me all teary.

Conner Youngblood – Diamonds
New artist alert! Multi-instrumentalist Conner Youngblood has our attention with this big dreamy song.

Adam Lambert – Ghost Town
I still haven’t recovered from Madonna’s song by the same name. A few listens to this track by Adam Lambert should erase the memory. Lambert’s pop/house hit is impossible to resist. I really have no issue with elements of dance music creeping into pop (it seems some people do). I heard this one, it stuck in my head, that’s all that matters. Enjoy.