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The Weekly Playlist - Kanye West

Kanye West – Real Friends (JZAC Remix)
If you’re not listening to Kanye’s music because of all the BS surrounding him in the media, you’re missing out.

Liv Dawson – Still
17-year-old Liv Dawson is one to watch out for if this song is anything to go by. Love the vocal!

Mark Knopfler – Boom, Like That
Heard this one in a high-end speaker store. Damn, that guitar!

Pharrell Williams – Marilyn Monroe
Love the strings on this one!

Birds Of Mind – Flying Through The Souls (Just Emma Remix)
If uptempo ambient cinematic soundscapes are your thing–kind of specific, I know–this song will be an excellent addition to your playlist. It’s the kind of song you listen to as you walk around the city and it makes even running errands feel exciting.