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The Weekly Playlist - John Butler

LUH. – Unites
Did I mention how excited I am that guitars are making their way back into popular music? And melody?

John Newman – Love Me Again
This song is all chorus – when that chorus hits the song soars. I could listen to it in a loop.

Wild Cub – Thunder Clatter (sonaluna Remix)
I loved this track when I first heard it and I was really excited to find that the band had made the stems available to remix. There are so many parts of the song that I really like, but the vocals are my favourite. They are really strong and I wanted to build the track around them. So here it is, my remix of the excellent Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub.

Mr. Mister – Kyrie
I loved to sing this song when I was really young. Small problem, I didn’t quite understand the lyrics at the start of the chorus. Me, and pretty much everyone I knew who liked the song, thought it was about a girl called Kyrie. Like Kylie but with an ‘r’. And that she was ‘lazing down the road that I must travel’. Or something to that effect. This song popped up on my playlist the other day and I suddenly thought to use the Internet to find the real lyrics. Oh man, we had no hope as kids of ever guessing what that line really was – because it’s Greek!

Kýrie, eléison, (meaning Lord, Have Mercy) down the road that I must travel
Kýrie, eléison, through the darkness of the night’


John Butler – Ocean (2012 Studio Version)
How did I miss Australian musician John Butler for all these years? What a giant hole in my musical knowledge! I discovered this video completely by accident and I spent all of yesterday watching more great performances of John Butler and his trio. Just beautiful beautiful music that I am happy to have discovered, even if so late.

Image Courtesy: John Butler Trio Official