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Some of our favourite scores and songs from the movies make up this week’s playlist.

All Business by Cliff Martinez
Film: Arbitrage

I first noticed composer Cliff Martinez’s credit in the film The Lincoln Lawyer and wasn’t satisfied with a surface level knowledge of his music so I dug deep into his filmography. He’s only the guy who composed music for, you know, Traffic, Sex Lies And Videotape, the monster soundtrack of Drive and now Spring Breakers. The piece of score I’ve chosen for today’s playlist comes from a film E and I really enjoyed – Arbitrage, starring Richard Gere. It’s tense and tightly coiled, very modern and listenable outside the context of the movie. I bought the soundtrack off iTunes and it’s fun to listen to it while riding around the city.

Welcome To Lunar Industries by Clint Mansell
Film: Moon

Clint Mansell is one of the people that made me want to be a score composer. He regularly creates grand and, dare I use the word, epic compositions that deliver drama on a massive scale without being overwrought or heavy-handed. This piece from the excellent excellent indie Moon is one of my favourites. Again, this entire OST is worth buying.

Army Of Me (Remix) – Bjork feat. Skunk Anansie
Film: Sucker Punch
One day you’ll realise that you didn’t dislike this film. That it’s actually really quite awesome. The soundtrack especially so. Then we can be friends again.

Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen
Film: Jerry Maguire
A sweet, sweet song from a sweet movie. Again, I think it might rain this week. This song is for that day.

Gun by Emiliana Torrini
TV Show: Luther

This great song played at the end of episode 1 of the British TV series Luther. It was a small indication of how well put-together the series would be. I mean, there’s Idris Elba to begin with. I know the Massive Attack title track gets a lot of love and has become a sync favourite, but it was this song by Icelandic singer Emiliana Torrini that really got our attention. The bass hook, her vocals… it’s just perfect.