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Phillip Phillips – Home
I missed this song when it first came out and finally heard it a few weeks ago in a friend’s car as we drove down wide open roads of New Delhi on a sunny Sunday morning. Just the right setting for this summery hit.

Linus Young – City of Sin
This duo from LA looks set to go places and I say this based on just this one song which is is the only piece of music I’ve found by them online. A very very solid introduction – big drums, driving rhythm section and excellent vocals by both members. We look forward to hearing more by Linus Young. For now, check out their first release.

Imagine Dragons – Amsterdam
We watched their entire Made In America concert live set yesterday and it was insane! The drums were my favourite part – there were so many of them, just strewn across the stage. And band members took turns playing them, switching places and drum sticks mid-song without missing a beat! Super energy. We bought the album as soon as the set was done. If all you’ve heard is their big hit Radioactive, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Basecamp – Emmanuel
If I was to use a shortcut, I’d say this Nashville trio sounds like James Blake taken to the next level. The atmospheric, bassy song frame is filled with more detail and structure and it makes for very enjoyable listening.

Outlandish – Keep The Record On Play
E and I have been fans of this Danish trio’s music since their excellent 2002 release Bread & Barrels Of Water and this song is a hit from their 2009 release Sound of A Rebel that we listened to again this weekend.

Buena Vista Social Club – De Camino A La Vereda
Flashback! I don’t know why I suddenly thought of this album but I still remember the experience of buying it so clearly – I bought the CD in a music store, after listening to the whole thing on a listening station. It was unlike anything I had heard before and I was happy to spend a significant chunk of my not-so-significant travel allowance on this album. I love this song by Ibrahim Ferrer in particular.

Image courtesy: Imagine Dragons