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The Weekly Playlist - Armin Van Buuren

DJ Shadow – Six Days (Machinedrum Remix)
I still remember the first time I heard DJ Shadow – it was like nothing I had ever heard until that time. I wasn’t a producer then and I only vaguely understood how he put his tracks together. All I knew is they were electric and I wanted to keep listening to the entire album on repeat. We’re going back to Six Days, his massive release from 2002, because this new remix features on The Liquid Amber EP, out on his new imprint Liquid Amber. Lots more music coming from DJ Shadow in the near future and we’re looking forward to checking it out.

Armin Van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie – This Is What It Feels Like
Remember I was searching for a song I’d heard a few weeks ago without success because I only remembered half a lyric and it was too generic for a search engine to throw up a result. Well, magically it seems my last search effort was successful and I found the song I was looking for – DJ/Producer Armin Van Burren’s 2013 Grammy-nominated This Is What It Feels Like. I could totally get used to this apparent trend in dance music – EDM Producer + non EDM vocalist coming together to make easy, breezy rock/pop/even blues influenced songs (Wake Me Up by Avici and Aloe Blacc being an excellent example). I’m no purist – all music was meant to party together and if EDM is the playground, I’m there to cheer things along.

Delta Mainline – Dead Beat Blues
It’s the perfect weather to be listening to this excellent song from Scottish band Delta Mainline, who I discovered earlier this year.

Myles Kennedy – Watch Over You (Live Billboard Studio Session)
Sometimes you just want to listen to some really good singing and Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy is the man for the job this week. He routinely kills it on stage. Have you heard his vocals on a live performance of the most iconic Guns N’ Roses song ever, with Slash playing acoustic guitar? Insane.

Daniel Bedingfield – He Don’t Love You Like I Love You
iTunes Random Play Induced Nostalgia is a real thing. There were so many good pop songs on Bedingfield’s 2002 album Gotta Get Thru This (shady spelling aside). This mid-tempo love song was one of them.

Image courtesy: Armin Van Buuren Official/Carli Hermès