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The Weekly Playlist - Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin – Yellow (Glastonbury 2016)
It’s hard to do justice to a song as big and as familiar as this one but British singer/songwriter Gabrielle Aplin pulls it off. I’m sure you’ve heard this song way too many times but check her version out. It’s aces.

Sundara Karma – Loveblood
This is my workout soundtrack pick for the week.

Scarlet Pleasure – Under The Palm Trees
I heard this in Zara the other day and it stuck in my head. Does it work in a non-cool, non-shopping setting? I think so. Check it out.

Adele – Water Under The Bridge
Mid-Tempo Adele is as good as Power Ballad Adele.

SG Lewis feat. Gallant – Holding Back
Still listening to, and loving, SG Lewis who I discovered very recently.