E and I spent a few days in Bengaluru on work around Christmas-time. We were hosted by our friends Anjali and Kiran in their beautiful home in the Koramangala district. Their home is so lovely it immediately made me start mentally cleaning my own room back in Mumbai. I’ve been back a month and the mess of wires and paper around my desk reminds me that I should really get down to the actual cleaning.

But that is a different story.

The star of this story is the big metal gate leading to their home. As it was pushed open the first day we were there it made this incredible bass sound that really caught my attention. Every time we returned home at the end of a long day’s work and pushed the gate open, it made a variation of that amazing sound. I must have mentioned it more than once because the last night we were there, E suggested I record the sound I obviously liked so much.

So I did.

A really quick and dirty recording – we were outdoors, a pretty busy road was nearby and I couldn’t exactly open and close it repeatedly just to get the right clean sound. On that crisp Bangalore night, with Kiran and his mum watching patiently, E and I worked the gate to get a recording. Their dog Milo had been barking at us–two backpacked, disheveled strangers–like crazy since we arrived. This must have been the moment when his little doggie mind was screaming, “See I told you they were nuts! They’re recording a gate!”

Here is what the recording sounded like:

Then I used it as a sample in a piece of music.

E filmed this gorgeous timelapse back in Mumbai and set it to a clip from the track:

Here is the entire piece.

The name – The Hounds of Koramangala – is a nod to an experience I had our first night in Bengaluru. We were exhausted and I had just about fallen asleep when I heard the most frightening chorus of wailing stray dogs. It went on for a while and scared me senseless. It happened again the following night. This time I was prepared, but what an enormous sound! I did not record that. I am not that brave.

Maybe next time.