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Ever since we (Sonaluna and I) first entertained the idea of making Afterloop a real thing I knew I wanted it to be a playground for the two of us. But she is clearly the musical lead, while I hold up the visual end of the bargain.

The Music
Sonaluna has been making music for several years and she approaches the process with a zeal that is truly impressive. I could tell you how many hours (a day) she spends studying the craft but that makes for a really boring story. And isn’t studying supposed to be a part of every creative individual’s reality any way?

Each of the songs on this EP started out the same way: a guitar part was isolated from the recordings she had made of my time with a six string. From there the work took place ‘in the box’ until she felt ready to lay down vocal parts. We came up with the name Afterloop in January 2012. Early versions of the five songs we will finally put out over the course of the next week have been floating around since then.

And they have gone through many, many iterations.

Sonaluna is like a sculptor with this stuff, always shaping, smoothing, and contouring. She is also frighteningly unafraid to take a hammer to the whole enterprise and start afresh. This single — ‘Here We Are’ — was subject to some eleventh hour tweaking that brought forth the current ending. For months before that I was championing this song as my favourite with a totally different ending. So I have borne first-hand witness to the fact that ceaseless reiteration works.



The Visuals
Once we had set the date for the release of the first track I began working out ideas for visual means of representing the songs. I wanted to play with graphics techniques, textures, and programs to develop a poster for each individual song. Which could then be used as a single cover, social network DP, or any other visual cue.

I am a big believer in promotional materials. Which is why our digital-only debut release has so much visual material surrounding it.

We also made a music video!

It is the tale of two trains crossing each other before they head off to their respective destinations somewhere in America. So alien place, alien landscape, and two trains as a metaphor for all the people who cross one another’s paths every day. The video edit for ‘Here We Are’ is a condensed version of the actual track.

So there you have it: 5 posters, 1 song, and a video; us planting our flag in the crowded Indian music landscape.

The Video