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The Weekly Playlist - Gilmore girls

Tom Waits – Time
It played in the new Gilmore girls: A Year In The Life at Richard Gilmore’s funeral and it was distractingly beautiful.

Sam Phillips – Reflecting Light
Let’s just say that this song had something to do with Luke and Lorelai in the new series and it was magical.

Rae Sreemmurd feat. Gucci Mane – Black Beatles
I was totally not expecting this song to sound like this! What is this awesome vibe? On repeat.

Nouvelle Vague – Blue Monday
A shoutout to what was a very cool album.

Nossa Bossa Nova – Joy To The World (Putumayo World Music)
Too early? I’m just taking a cue from what I see around me. It seems people are getting into the spirit early this year. We’re not bringing out the carols just yet, but here’s a snippet to get you in the mood.