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This is our Amsterdam playlist – songs we encountered while on holiday there. Enjoy!

AJR – Weak
I had to SoundHound this twice before it gave me an ID. Worth it. This kind of pop-rock goodness is what we need more of.

Zedd and Alessia Cara – Stay
That chorus is so strong, you just have to give in and enjoy it even if this genre of music isn’t your thing.

David Zowie – House Every Weekend
I’m not normally in the kind of setting where this song would turn up, but King’s Day in Amsterdam lends itself to exactly this vibe. We were wandering around, taking in the sights when this came on, open air, by a canal. It was really kind of perfect.

Typesun – The PL
I think I heard this in a restaurant. It was noisy and the song played fairly quiet but something about it stood out enough for me to take note.

Bisa Kdei and Kaywa – Mansa
Another King’s Day discovery. This time at the NDSM flea market against the backdrop of graffiti and many food trucks. Love this one.

Buena Vista Social Club – La Bayamesa
Always happy to listen to Buena Vista Social Club. I heard this one again on a sunny Sunday in De Hallen.