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Last Remaining Light album art

Singer/songwriter Siddharth Basrur, who we’ve featured in the past, got in touch with us to share music from his latest project, a band called Last Remaining Light. The band comprises Basrur (Goddess Gagged), Adil Kurwa (The Colour Compound, The Koniac Net, Tejas Menon) and Anurag Shanker (Slow Down Clown, Caesar’s Palace, Bombay Acoustic People) who “got together to create a new breed of sonic ideas”.

Fire Drill Gone Wild (love the name!) is the first single off their upcoming album.

Siddharth also gave us a quick idea of what Last Remaining Light is all about.

Tell us why you chose this as the first single.
I guess this song was chosen, as it has some kind of middle ground to what this debut album is all about. You could say that it defines what our band’s sound is all about. The album was recorded and mixed by Tejas Narayan at Arbit Random Studio, Mumbai and mastered by Nagasaki Sound in Las Vegas.

Last Remaining Light album art by Paul Thomas The artwork is awesome. Tell us about the vibe you were going for.
The artist, Paul Thomas, is our guitarist Anurag’s friend. We gave him a completely free hand to do what he wanted, and this is what he came up with. We all liked it from the word go, so we stuck with it.

What is the plan for Last Remaining Light as a band? How will it differ from your other projects.
For one, I really want people to listen to the music we’re creating. We’ve put in a lot of time, effort and money into this record and we’d like as many people to hear it as possible. Personally, it’s very different from anything else I’ve put out there. It has some songs that have been transformed from having singer-songwriter arrangements to being reworked with the entire band, as well as tracks that have been written by us from scratch.

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