I’m so excited to present to you this fresh-from-the-oven teaser for my brand new song Drive.

Five things you should know about Drive

  • It has lyrics. And an orchestral section.
  • It was one of three songs to get a shout out on Twitter from actor/director Edward Burns who was looking for songs for his movie soundtrack. It wasn’t the song finally chosen for the film. That’s okay, it was cool to get the shout out anyway.
  • Like most people in this city, I spend a lot of time in cars. When I’m alone, I listen to podcasts – The Tobolowsky Files, Radiolab and The Ricky Gervais Show are my favourites.
  • I think cars make for interesting social experiences:
    • My sister always plays me new music when we ride together because a car is the only place she can get me to sit still long enough to listen.
    • At the Berlinale 2008, in the Volkswagen van with the heated seats, our production driver told us what it was like to drive Nicole Kidman around Berlin and my sound engineer friend told us about a big shot composer who hired a big studio and passed it off as his own during a presentation to impress the clients.
    • A taxi driver in Singapore told us he was not pleased with the building of the casino at Marina Bay. He then added as a reflection on the tsunami (this was 2004), “The sinking of Las Vegas will be the end of the world”.
    • Extended silence while sitting in a car with an acquaintance/stranger is worse than a car with broken air-conditioning. And I say this at the height of summer.
  • Because I work primarily with soundtracks, the picture usually already exists when I come in and then it is my job to make the music to go along with it. With Drive, the song came first and then Elvis worked on video we had collected during our travels to fashion this 30-second clip. He then finished it up with a hand-drawn sign for the song title. I love it!

Music: Composed, arranged, produced and performed by sonaluna

Video & Photography: Elvis D’Silva for Thrillpill