The song Bhaag DK Bose from the film Delhi Belly is a superhit or, in Bollywood parlance, “souprhit”. Say it fast and as if it were one word – “souprhit, souprhit!!!” Yup that’s kind of the excitement that surrounds this massive song, and after it was stuck in my head in a constant loop, I just had to cover it.

Elvis was excited enough by my version to make a very cool video for it.

Check it out below:

The original, in all its balls-to-the-wall punk rock pop glory, is composed and performed by the very talented Ram Sampath and can be heard here:

We also had a few thoughts for DK Bose:

  • Despite its catchiness, ignore the helpful warning of the chorus. You can’t outrun a thunderstorm or a tornado. In the event of a storm, take immediate shelter. Inside a building. Preferably in a basement.
  • Running in and of itself is not a bad idea though. Get some practice. Did you know that at points during the running cycle both feet are off the ground? That’s pretty cool.
  • Forget about impressing girls with your running. Not unless you can run 100 meters in less than 9.58 seconds. First Usain Bolt, then DK Bose… we can see it happening.

Original song: From the film Delhi Belly, composed and performed by Ram Sampath
Cover version: Arranged and performed by sonaluna
Video by: Elvis D’Silva/Thrillpill Films