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Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudekis and Will Poulter in WE'RE THE MILLERS

In We’re The Millers Jason Sudekis plays David Clark, a veteran pot dealer whose existence is placed in jeopardy when his stash gets stolen. All of a sudden he has to transport a significant amount of marijuana from Mexico into America—to pay off his debt to Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms, doing his damndest to not resemble Stu from the Hangover movies).

Now David is smart enough to know that he cannot just drive a recreational vehicle across the border as a single, suspicious-looking male. If he is going to have any hope of getting the dope back into America he is going to need a cover. And that cover presents itself in the form of a fake family that comprises of a stripper, a runaway, and the weird kid who lives in his building.

So Emma Roberts plays Casey the Runaway and Will Poulter plays Kenny the Weird Kid, which leaves Jennifer Aniston to deliver a performance as stripper-turned-RV-mom Rose. And that right there is the selling point of the movie.

Can’t have an actor play a stripper without having her do a little dance and bare a little skin, can we?

I am aware that all fiction film-making is based upon setups and payoffs and still I have to say that this movie had very little going on that felt in any way—this word makes me cringe but it is appropriate here: organic–*shudder* that made me feel unclean just to have to type that. But it is true. Everything about this movie is a contrivance. So major props to Ms. Roberts and Mr. Poulter for pulling off their parts with enough commitment to grant their cardboard characters just a little bit more dimension.

I realize people don’t go to horror movies for Oscar-worthy performances and that the only prerequisite from a comedy is the abundance of laughs. Well, that’s another place where We’re The Millers fails to deliver. Just not enough laughter-generating scenes in this one.

So what are we left with? Oh yes, Ms. Aniston’s big stripper scene. Well the lady gets props for being as fit as she is. But that little show had zero rhythm, negligible choreography, and I believe the actress was way more committed in her performance as the revved-up superior in Horrible Bosses than she is in this movie.

Final Analysis: We’re The Millers is a little too long and not funny enough.

My Advice: Skip it and take a nap instead. Unless you’re some sort of completist who needs to have laid eyes on every single name actress performance as a stripper in movies.