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Bleak action movie. Really, really bleak.

And it opens with a sequence that sets up a bit of convenience that is never properly explained. Detective Max Lewinsky (James McAvoy) was chasing a criminal named Jacob Sternwood (Mark Strong) and right around the time Max had Jacob where he wanted him, the criminal shot the cop in the knee, and escaped.

Three years later Max walks with a bit of limp, has to drain fluid out of his knee every day, and there is no sign of Sternwood. Until, his son is discovered with a gunshot wound. And Sternwood has no choice but to return to London, where Max, and his partner Sarah (Andrea Riseborough) are waiting to take him down.

Most of that setup is made known in the movie’s promotional material, so it is a little wearisome that a third of the movie’s run-time is consumed in bringing us up to speed on what this movie is supposed to be about: Lewinsky versus Sternwood.

The movie looks really good, with about ninety-eight percent of it being presented in a combination of the colours blue, black, and ‘flesh tone.’ The night-time imagery is crisp and one showdown scene involving guns and slow motion in a cramped room is pretty cool.

But setting up interesting geometric patterns in the movie’s visuals is one thing. Telling an entertaining story is another one altogether. I’m afraid writer/director Eran Creevy falls  short in that department.

Final Analysis: Macho-looking motion picture with very little going on at its heart.

My Advice: There are other ways to pass one’s time. I really cannot recommend this to anyone other than cinematographers trying to capture a cool (literally) look.