You know which formerly-rotund movie star makes a convincing foul-mouthed slacker with a good heart? Seth Rogen? You know who doesn’t? Jonah Hill.

Noah Griffith (Hill), a kid who got kicked out of college, is saddled with the responsibility of babysitting three kids so that his single mother can go on a blind date organized by the aforementioned kids’ parents.

The levels of irresponsibility inherent in that setup are too mind-boggling for me to properly hyperventilate about.

Noah has a girlfriend named Marisa (Ari Graynor) who relies on him to perform errands (and certain cunning linguistics) for her, but doesn’t really treat him right. So of course, right at the beginning of his babysitting assignment, she calls him and demands that he go score hard drugs for her. And when Girlfriend Of The Year hangs up on him Noah decides that the best course of action is to steal the spare car owned by the family he is sitting for and take the three weird kids along with him! On a drug run!

Can I take a moment to talk about the kids? Sure I can, it’s my review.

Blithe (Landry Bender) is a pint-sized wannabe-celebutante (who writes this stuff!?); Slater (Max Records) just wants to hang out with some kid named Cameron and watch mens’ sporting events on television; and Rodrigo (Kevin Hernandez) the adopted kid is violent and anti-social.

Are things going to get crazy during Noah’s Adventure In Babysitting? This is a comedy starring one half of the winning duo from Superbad. How could things not get crazy?

Sam Rockwell shows up as some sort of present day wannabe-Chuck Norris drug dealer. Method Man towers over some rhyme-spitting girl who recognizes Noah because of something bad he did when they were still in high school. And—wait for it—a beautiful girl with a secret crush on him turns up out of nowhere as the anti-Marisa.

Only in the movies man!

If you plan on sitting through The Sitter, be warned:  there aren’t that many laughs, the heart-warming stuff isn’t at the right temperature, but for the few minutes that she is on screen Kylie Bunbury (the surprise love interest) is pretty to look at.