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Zack Snyder reinvented the swords and sandals epic with his big screen version of 300. And that hyper-stylized aesthetic was carried forward by the television show Spartacus which was a good example of Big Dumb Fun. You didn’t take it too seriously, you didn’t look too hard for historical accuracy, and you tried not to laugh at the totally random accents that dotted the landscape of a single scene.

When I first saw the trailer for The Legend of Hercules, I was reminded of Spartacus. So we had to check this one out. Y’know, for the possibility of experiencing Big Dumb Fun on the big screen.

The opening shot in The Legend of Hercules is very cool, especially in 3D. The filmmakers have actually managed to give a sense of running alongside a horde of attacking soldiers. And then…

Well, let’s just say, the ‘acting’ kicks in. And that is quite a bag of (unintentional) laughs.

So this is being billed as the origin story of Hercules (Kellan Lutz), and while it looks alright, and some of the action has that visceral energy of Spartacus the TV show, it is hard to take The Legend of Hercules seriously at all. Even as Big Dumb Fun.

Final Analysis: Wooden acting, blatant disregard for the ageing process–fully-grown Hercules’s mother looks younger than him, and a visual aesthetic that doesn’t quite get it right-seeming, that’s what you can expect.

My Advice: If you own one of those giant 3D TVs, wait for this one on DVD. It might be an amusing way to while away a slow afternoon.