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If you are looking for a one joke movie to help you while away the time this weekend I wholeheartedly recommend The Heat. Because that is how this movie plays: one joke.

And the joke is: Sandra Bullock’s character is uptight and Melissa McCarthy’s character is foul-mouthed and angry.

Is that funny?

Sure, if the sight of an overweight woman crawling through car windows because she’s parked in too tight a parking spot seems funny to you, this movie is funny.

Or if you are amused by the idea of the uptight woman ripping her shirt open after way too many drinks and dancing awkwardly, you might damage yourself laughing.

Otherwise, you are out of luck.

I blame director Paul Feig’s previous feature film Bridesmaids for my interest in this one. That film had heart, comedy, and some interesting sight gags. The Heat has a running joke about a stale sandwich.

Final Analysis: Awkward Girls Gone Wild should really not be a Hollywood sub-genre. If it was in danger of becoming one my hope is that The Heat will put a stop to that.

My Advice: Skip it. And confiscate the wallets of anyone else offering to buy the tickets.