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Movie Review - The Dilemma

Two best friends – one married, the other in a relationship that threatens to go into that place where the woman wants to know ‘where is this going?’ These guys also happen to be partners at a boutique company that plans to put the vroom back in electric cars. Now these two guys are going to face the biggest test of their relationship after the unmarried guy spots his friend’s wife making kissy-faces with some stranger.

Will he tell his friend? Will he confront the wife? What will happen to their potential business deal with Chrysler?

Who cares!?

Because there is nothing going on in this movie which stars Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Winona Ryder, Jennifer Connelly, Channing Tatum and Queen Latifah. The film made a little bit of noise around release time when they put out a promo with an off colour statement about being gay that was neither funny, relevant or important. If they hoped the controversy would bring people to the cinemas in droves that didn’t happen either.

This 2011 release is already out on DVD and it is just not very good.

For one thing, all the characters are one note, none of them interesting.

For another, nothing of consequence happens in the movie.

And honestly, when all is said and done, does this sound like a movie that should have ever been made? By a first-time director maybe, but by Ron Howard? Seriously? How is it possible that the director of movies like Cocoon, Apollo 13, Ransom, A Beautiful Mind and the two Dan Brown adaptations couldn’t find a better script to work on?