Ted was released so long ago in the US and other parts of the world it has gone on to become the highest-grossing R-rated comedy in the world. And I have to say it is better than either Hangover movie.

As a result of a childhood wish John Bennett’s (Mark Wahlberg) teddy bear Ted (voiced by writer/director Seth MacFarlane) comes to life and grows up with him. This walking, talking smartass is a treasure trove of bad habits and it is no surprise that John hasn’t really grown up considering that he is a 35-year-old who still needs the company of his ‘Thunder Buddy’ when the nasty clouds in the sky make that boom-badoom noise.

Mila Kunis plays Lori, John’s girlfriend of four years who is kinda-sorta hoping that he’s going to propose soon. She says as much to the hotties she works with (how do you know this is a movie? Lori and John have insanely hot women as co-workers), and the hotties immediately suggest that she might be selling herself short. Naturally there is a creepy, but rich, boss (Joel McHale) close at hand to offer his shoulder for Lori to cry on, if things should happen to not work out with John.

It takes very little time to accept that Ted is a walking, talking stuffed toy that all humans seem okay with. Comedies follow set patterns–be they bawdy or romantic–and Ted is no different. What the film has going for it though, is genuine heart. And the other thing going for Ted is that they truly work the premise for all it is worth. Including the little side plot that is a surprise I will allow you to discover on your own.

Ted was a fun watch. So what if we had to wait so long to get it in movie theatres? Go on, get your giggle on. This might be the closest we ever get to a Calvin & Hobbes movie.