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Right at the end of the original Wall Street it was proved that greed, too much of it anyway, is bad. That fact was doubly proven when that movie’s sequel opened last year and confirmed that either Oliver Stone had nothing more left to say about the men on the Street, or, more troublingly, he had nothing to say period.

The same malaise seems to have afflicted writer Kevin Williamson – the man responsible for the wildly popular Scream movie trilogy, which probably did a lot to ‘bring back’ the slasher movie, and become the godparent (if not the direct parent) of movie franchises likes Final Destination, I Know What You Did Last Summer and to a certain extent even the Saw series. If Hollywood’s output over the past few years has taught us anything at all it is that a success has a million imitators.

But greed, just to reiterate, is bad, which would be the opposite of good, and therefore undesirable. One can only assume that it was some combination of greed and desperation that prompted the reanimation of the Scream franchise. And come Friday the 15th of April, a fourth Scream movie will open in megaplexes in most parts of the world.

Every major player is back (all the characters left alive at the end of Scream 3) writer Williamson, director Wes Craven, and actors Courtney Cox as Gale Weathers, David Arquette as Dewey Riley and Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott – the tough damsel in distress who survived three movies and several attempts on her life in Woodsboro.

But this is not a sequel. Oh no, this is a ‘reboot’.


Don’t be.

This movie would be another prime piece of evidence in the case for why a majority of the mass-entertainment movies suck these days. Everyone is trying to be clever, everyone is trying to be meta and we have to go through an almost Inception-level of movie-within-a-movie opening sequence to get to the point where the actual movie begins. All the Dewey-Gale scenes play out as if the (real life until recently) couple were acting out their marriage-related issues on screen. Ms Campbell doesn’t seem to have aged much in the years since she last played Sidney but she is really not called upon to do much in this movie. Most of the rest of the cast is made up of familiar faces from cult (and/or awful) TV shows, and everything has a ‘look at us, aren’t we cool’ air about it.

Except that…the movie is not cool. There is very little by way of ‘fun’, there are no real scares (RGV would have been proud of how this lot employs noise to elicit cheap scares), and the revelation of the killer is handled with the finesse of Jerry holding out a frying pan as Tom runs by.

I hope this terrible excuse for a sequel to what was a quite cleverly wrapped up trilogy doesn’t make so much money that the producers feel motivated to make another follow up. I realize even as I reread these words that such a wish seems doomed to fail.

Greed may be bad but bad things seldom go away.

So I’m wishing for rainbows instead; and a cool breeze.