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In a word? No.

Parker is not an enjoyable piece of entertainment.

Want to stick around to find out why? Okay.

The reason why Parker—based on a character from the novels of Donald E. Westlake—is no good is because it appears like this film was made by an indie auteur who didn’t have access to filmmaking niceties like shooting permissions, time to get the proper amount of coverage, and the funds to pay for an experienced editor.

IMDB tells me this movie had a 35 million dollar budget. I don’t know where that money went but my guess would be that some of it must have gone into those fancy floating-in-the-air computer-generated supers that show up at random points in the movie telling us exactly what part of the USA the action is set in.

The story is fairly simple: Parker (Jason Statham) is a thief who never steals from those who can’t afford it, and he doesn’t hurt people who don’t deserve it. Trouble is, the crew on his last job double crosses him, makes off with his share of the booty, and leaves him for dead.

Now this crew comprises of characters played by Michael Chiklis and Clifton Collins Jr. (among others) so it’s not like director Taylor Hackford was working with newbies or rank amateurs or anything. Yet there is such a lack of cohesion to the unfolding narrative that it’s really unclear how this movie was ever greenlit.

If you’ve seen a poster or trailer you know Jennifer Lopez is also in this movie. Well she doesn’t turn up until maybe halfway through the narrative. And when she does it really is unclear whether we’re supposed to sympathize with her or just go…ah so there she is.

Does Parker get even with the men who double-crossed him? I promise you won’t care.

Final Analysis: Movies like this have been made before. It is not a very original story but it could have been an entertaining movie. Mr. Statham and Ms. Lopez are written into characters that totally prevent them from having any chemistry together. And there is really no action worth speaking of.

My Advice: Skip it.