Sam Worthington, also known as Mr. Ubiquitous (seriously, how many movies is this guy in?) plays Nick Cassidy, a man who buys himself an expensive breakfast and then climbs out onto the ledge of his 21st floor hotel room at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York.

Oh my God, we have a jumper!

It doesn’t take too long for crowds to gather, for the cops and fire brigade to arrive and for a negotiator to come over and try and talk Nick off the ledge. Problem is, Nick isn’t your ordinary everyday potential suicide.

To begin with, Nick broke out of prison. Then he put on a nice suit, ate an expensive breakfast in the hotel room and stepped out onto the ledge. And finally Nick is wearing an earpiece and there is another person—two people actually—on the other end of that line. And they are doing a pretty dangerous thing.

Man On A Ledge is a fun movie. It becomes clear early on that this is not some depressed dude looking for an audience before he ends his life. And the moment that point is clarified it becomes easier to settle in for the ride.

It is fun to allow director Asger Leth and writer Pablo F. Fenjves to entertain us with this deftly handled tale of a desperate man’s daring plan to prove his innocence. Nick would be nothing without his accomplices, played by the ever-reliable Jamie Bell and Venezuelan surprise package Genesis Rodriguez. These two play the young couple in love really nicely, even when they are breaking into a highly secure building and making their way through multiple layers of security. Handled wrong all that banter could have grated; in this movie it is handled right and they really come across as a fun-to-hang-out-with couple.

This is the first feature film credit for the director as well as the writer. And it is a solid credit. The movie moves along efficiently and there are enough thrills, chills and spills scattered across the movie’s landscape to ensure that it never gets bogged down. Which is no mean feat in these days of the saggy middle act for so many big-ticket Hollywood movies.

If you’re looking for a good fun time at the movies this weekend, Man On A Ledge is a pretty good option.