Vincenzo Amato and Louise Monot in GIRL ON A BICYCLE

Girl On A Bicycle is the story of Paolo (Vincenzo Amato), the Italian driver/guide of a bus tour around Paris. His idea of a Paris tour is to mention, at every step, how the Italians are better and he’s so earnest about it, I bet the tourists don’t mind. His life in Paris consists of driving his bus, talking up Italy, hanging with his friend Derek (Paddy Considine) and spending time with his German girlfriend Greta (Nora Tschirner) who he proposes to at the start of the film. All seems well until, at a traffic light, the girl on a bicycle from the title of the movie, pulls up alongside Paolo’s bus window. She is beautiful and Paolo is intrigued. This happens a few more times and that’s when the trouble begins – sweet, earnest, devoted-to-his-girlfriend Paolo can’t get The Girl out of his head. Things really get out of hand when he takes Derek’s very bad advice on how to deal with his infatuation. Soon, he is dividing his time between Bicycle Girl, who we now know is single mother Cécile (Louise Monot), and the increasingly suspicious Greta.

Girl On A Bicycle is the kind of movie you watch when you’ve had a crappy day and you just want some sweet entertainment that doesn’t overdo the drama. There are funny lines, likeable characters, escapades and many many shots of sunny Paris. Sure, there are stereotypes and assumptions but they are handled with humour and everyone is really kind of laughing at themselves, so there is no reason to get upset about it.

Vincenzo Amato as Paolo is sincere and earnest, so much so that he comes off as old-fashioned. Nora Tschirner takes Greta’s role and runs with it – she’s sharp, funny and has a very nuanced set of expressions that work especially well in the emotional sections. Louise Monot wears her role as the pretty French girl lightly which only makes her more attractive.

Final Analysis: This film has all the elements of a romantic comedy with the fun that comes with a good ensemble cast. Written and directed by Jeremy Leven (The Notebook), it was a pleasure to watch.

My advice: Definitely check this out when you can.