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The Fast & Furious series has evolved hasn’t it? From that ‘buster, buster’ crap of the first movie through the drugs and damsels routine in the second to the ‘what the hell is going on here’ narrative surrounding all that Tokyo drifting before finally bringing the old squad back together for the fourth go around, it was a crazy ride. The fifth one was more of a straight ahead adventure and with Fast & Furious 6 they are taking it to another level. Narratively.

Yes, imagine that. There is a multi-film arc that now (loosely) connects all the movies that have come so far. Yes, even Tokyo Drift. Which if you remember how it plays out, will help you make sense of the mid-credit scene in Fast 6. Confused yet? I’ll make this clearer: the events of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift occur after the action of the movie pulling up into theatres around the world this week. Say what, right? Exactly.

And it sets the stage for whatever is to come in the seventh movie which is scheduled to unspool next year.

So as you may have gathered, Fast & Furious 6, spends a lot of time—and I do mean a lot—setting stuff up. For the current movie, as well as the one(s?) to come. And that means you’ve got to pay attention. To the dialogue.

Of the three summer movies I’ve watched this year, Fast 6 offered the least bang for my buck. Sure there are a couple of nutso action sequences in there but whereas Star Trek Into Darkness did a great job of showing the action, Fast 6 sets a significant action sequence in the night time. And this means we have no idea what is going on, who is winning, and how certain vehicles are weighing down certain other vehicles.

Also, this is one movie where some of the best shots are on display in the trailers.

I am not going to discuss performances in a Fast & Furious movie. Unless there are awards given for Most Ripped Biceps at future movie award shows. In which case Dwayne Johnson would win, hands down.

Final Analysis: Lots of fury in this one, not enough speed. Which is a bad thing.

My Advice: Wait for it on cable, or home video. Definitely not a big screen must-see.