Some movies are made as late night I-can’t-sleep-so-what’s-on-TV fare. Colombiana would actually be a big hit in that category. It is essentially a stylish execution of a series of B-movie clichés anchored by a very capable central performance, first by Amandla Stenberg as the young Cataleya Restrepo, and for the rest of the movie by Zoe Saldana.

This movie comes from the minds of Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen–the people responsible for the surprise hit Taken–and while Cataleya is no Nikita she will do nicely until a more worthy action heroine comes along.

Director Olivier Megaton keeps the film moving at a pace decent enough to engage the average insomniac with an itchy remote finger. The action is well choreographed, the kills are dramatically photographed by Romain Lacourbas and it all looks simultaneously slick and gritty enough to become the type of film kitsch-hunters will enjoy discovering in the coming years.

If, like me, you happen to find yourself unable to sleep one night, after you’re done berating yourself for not getting enough exercise, check out Colombiana. There’s not much by way of laughs and this ain’t your average good time flick. It also won’t put you to sleep, but I don’t think it will be a complete waste of time either.