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Detective Sergeant Tom Brant (Jason Statham), a badass cop, is in a lot of trouble with the press as well as his higher-ups. Because he doesn’t think twice before employing the stick (instead of kind words) in a potentially dangerous situation.

Right at the beginning of the movie he hands three youths trying to boost a car such a vicious beating that you can’t help but feel a little sorry for the three lads. This is Jason Statham after all. He gives the impression of being able to hit very hard.

So on the one hand we have this badass cop. And on the other we have a hoodie-wearing cop killer who calls up a dodgy news reporter and lets him know that there will be eight more dead cops before he is done.

Now of course Brant will go after anyone likely to want to put bullets in men and women like him. I thought this was going to be an interesting game of cat and mouse so I got really interested in what would happen next.

Blitz was set up as an interesting contest between a spree killer and a cop who is a bit of a nutter; but it devolved into a relatively dull testosterone-fest that is unlikely to satisfy anyone who has ever watched an action movie before. It happened fairly early on, when the identity of the killer was revealed. Everything from there on was just a race to the finish. Only problem is, the race to the finish took too many unnecessary detours, making this 90-something minutes long movie feel much longer.

Mr. Statham gets a few tidy lines in but his explosive action capability is put on the back burner. The movie suffers as a result. And while the actor playing the bad guy turns in a suitably unhinged performance this is not a movie that I can recommend to anyone.

Pity really.