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I loved the first Iron Man. I went in with no expectations, and went back to watch it twice with various friends who had super high expectations because of how highly E and I praised the film.

So yes, I was excited about Iron Man 2. And then I watched it yesterday. Sigh.

Why RDJ and Mr. Favreau, why?
Why so much talk?
Why so little fun?
Why have the Wrestler barely be Whiplash and then behave as if he were the very broken Randy “The Ram” Robinson, and not a supercharged, double-powered, pissed off Russian badass with technology at his disposal?!

I tried not to think about the film as I watched it. Why over-analyse right?

Instead this is what I thought of from time to time through the film:

Gwyneth Paltrow’s triceps
In the scene where she is busy being the CEO in her office, RDJ is distracted by the moving table ornament. But all I could focus on was Ms. Paltrow’s super defined, constantly flexing triceps. Very difficult to get, ask all the ladies at the Gold’s Gym I go to.

Jon Favreau’s acting
This was pretty late into the movie and I was losing hope. All I could think when he turned up on screen was, “Mr. Favreau, you are enjoyable to watch as an actor and it is unbelievable that you are the director of this giant franchise. I would never have imagined when I watched you in FRIENDS oh-so-long ago. But now that you are so powerful and such a rock star, would it hurt to give some young, talented but struggling actor a chance to be…Happy?!”

Mutt Lange
Yes, the music producer. Robert John.
At the time of the release of the first Iron Man movie, the news had just broken that Mutt Lange and Shania Twain were to divorce after 14 years of marriage. Since their first album together, The Woman In Me (1995), means something to me I was sad that their musical partnership would be no more.
With Iron Man 2, the Mutt Lange connection was more direct – via AC/DC who provide the soundtrack to IM2. Mutt Lange produced and co-wrote the songs that feature in the film. And they still rock – 30 years later.

Mickey Rourke as musical inspiration
Watching Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler was an incredible experience. I was really moved and I composed a theme for his character the same day. You can hear it here (used better than I could imagine as score for a short video about Las Vegas).
Tourist’s Eye – Las Vegas

Watching him as Whiplash set off a piece of music in my head that I will work on this week. So no clue what it is, but Mickey Rourke on screen seems to inspire me to make music.

Sam Rockwell vs. Robert Downey Jr
I had read somewhere that Sam Rockwell was in the running to play Iron Man at one point. And now he’s playing the bad guy who wants to be Tony Stark in the movie’s world. This led me to wonder why Mr. Rockwell, an excellent actor (and very attractive too), would not have made as captivating a Tony Stark as RDJ. Then I realised that throughout the film, you could never look at his eyes. And not just because they were hidden behind glasses. RDJ’s eyes on the other hand were large and expressive and quite the focus of his face. This led me to come up with some crazy theory that leading men/women have eyes that are accentuated and easy to read and very alive and full of expression. However, Mr. Rockwell was totally watchable as the leading man in the excellent film Moon so what do I know? Did say it was a crack-pot theory…

But RDJ makes an excellent Tony Stark, no doubt.

So please, whoever’s in charge – please make Iron Man 3 the amazing action-filled, smart and funny summer blockbuster it deserves to be, like the movie that launched the franchise. E and I will buy tickets and go back for repeat viewings for sure if it is. This one though, not so much.