The Peanuts Movie

I once went to a Christmas party where I didn’t know too many of the guests and it stayed that way because they spent the entire evening watching A Charlie Brown Christmas on TV. (Which was fine I guess, it meant more cookies for the rest of us!) That’s when I realised how much of a tradition it was to watch the antics of Charlie Brown and his merry band of little folk during the holiday season.

The Peanuts Movie comes out just in time for Christmas 2015 and it delivers. Charlie Brown’s life is turned upside down–even more than usual–when a new neighbour moves in across the road from him. Said neighbour is a sweet and radiant creature that he takes to calling The Little Red-Haired Girl because he is instantly besotted but too scared to talk to her or even find out her name. Charlie Brown being Charlie Brown tries his best to impress her from afar but it seems like all his efforts are doomed.

I’ve been aware of the Peanuts universe in a vague manner – in the way that something so iconic is extremely familiar to everyone around the world – but I didn’t really grow up reading the comic strip or watching the TV specials so I can’t comment on how this compares. As a stand-alone movie, it is bright, cheery, full of antics and with enough attention devoted to all the characters – which is saying something given the large cast. Snoopy and Woodstock deserve special mention for their absolute loveliness. There’s even a super catchy song that I couldn’t get out of my head long after the movie was done.

Go watch it in theatres if you’re a fan, take the kids, it’s a good time for all.