Jackson Martin and Nick Serino in SLEEPING GIANT

On day 2 we watched Canadian filmmaker Andrew Cividino’s Sleeping Giant, the story of sleepy summer holidays and what lies beneath.
Adam (Jackson Martin) spends his summer with his mother and father at their cabin at Lake Superior. He meets Riley (Reece Moffett) and Nate (Nick Serino), two cousins who are significantly more rough around the edges than Adam is. When there’s nothing to do but while away the hours on long hot days, things get interesting quickly. At first Adam is happy to go along with the more adventurous Nate and Riley and watch the proceedings almost as if he were a fly on the wall. Soon, bonds are formed, equations change and that’s when the cracks appear and events that seem harmless reveal their consequences.

It takes a while to get into the rhythm of the film – the camera work has a distinctive language that takes some getting used to. Once that’s out of the way, it’s a smooth ride. Cividino does an excellent job of conveying the ennui of long, endless days. It’s clear though that even though summer demands that one relax, turn off the world and recharge, people’s insecurities and desires lie very close to the surface and there is no way to turn those off.

Jackson Martin plays the lead Adam with a quiet, watchful and contained air that is easy to watch and Reece Moffett’s Riley does an interesting see-saw between good kid and one prone to mischief. Nick Serino and his razor-sharp performance of Nate really captured my interest. Nate is a live wire, a motor-mouth and probably a delinquent. But, as my movie watching companion said, he is the most articulate delinquent we’ve seen on screen in a while. Behind the rabble rousing, fire-starting facade lies a sharp mind that the conventional channels of education just don’t have the tools to shape. His character stayed with me long after the film was done.

I highly recommend watching Sleeping Giant at the festival if you can.

Sleeping Giant will be screened again at the following venues and times:
Mon, 02 Nov | 2nd Screening | 11:00 AM | PVR Juhu 2 |
Tue, 03 Nov | 3rd Screening | 9:30 PM | PVR ECX 1 |
Wed, 04 Nov | Jury Screening | 4:00 PM | PVR Juhu 5 |