Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, and Anthony Michael Hall in THE BREAKFAST CLUB

  1. This film features five high school student types: beauty (Molly Ringwald), brain (Anthony Michael Hall), jock (Emilio Estevez), rebel (Judd Nelson), and recluse (Ally Sheedy). That’s a way more comprehensive cast of characters than the ones that appear as emotions in Inside Out.
  2. The opening imagery relates to each of the five kids in detention; it shows us the aftermath of the action that earned one of them their detention, and possibly alludes to something else another one of them says about themselves later on in the movie.
  3. That same opening sequence tells us that Carl Reed (John Kapelos) who is the janitor at Shermer High School was voted Man of the Year in 1969.
  4. They don’t write putdowns like “neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie” any more.
  5. The symbol for the 1984 Olympic Games is visible on Coke cans that appear in the movie.
  6. Allison (Sheedy) does not speak for a really long time. In fact she goes the whole first third of the movie without uttering a word.
  7. It feels like the transitions between certain sections of this film, as well as the changes in the characters’ moods are quite abrupt. I read somewhere that writer/director John Hughes originally intended this to be a 2 and a 1/2 hour film. Since the film now runs less than a 100 minutes I wasn’t wrong to feel like there might be parts missing.
  8. The language in this movie is not for the faint-hearted and it is highly unlikely that this movie would be made in this decade, unless it was an indie film that few people outside of film festival audiences were meant to see.
  9. The film’s director John Hughes plays Brian’s (Hall) father in one brief shot at the end of the movie.
  10. The film was released in 1985, i.e., 30 years ago. Yikes!