I’ve been a member of the website Behance for a while and as part of that membership I will periodically receive emails when new designs are uploaded to that showcase site. It was no different early last week, when I received intimation that an artist named Grzegorz Domaradzki, from Poland, had published a new project to his page. Except, that the people in the thumbnail picture looked awfully familiar.

Upon closer examination I realized that the artist had been called upon to design the posters for Rockstar, director Imtiaz Ali’s new movie starring Ranbir Kapoor and debutante Nargis Fakhri (also the final appearance of big screen legend Shammi Kapoor). Mr. Domaradzki’s work is well known in Internet movie fan circles for his Vector Movie Posters series. At first I just wondered how he got the job designing the promotional art for a Bollywood movie, and then I decided to ask him.

Mr. Domaradzki graciously agreed to be interviewed via email so here it is: our first ever interview.

How did you get the assignment to design posters for the movie Rockstar?
Few weeks ago H-One (a design company specializing in movie campaigns for Indian movies) contacted me offering an opportunity to design one poster at first. The client was pleased with the outcome, so later on I was to design three different posters for the Rockstar movie.

Are you familiar with Indian cinema? Have you watched any of the director’s (Imtiaz Ali) older movies?
Bollywood movies are obviously not as popular in Poland as they are in India, but there were couple of big hits in theaters available in my home country, like for example ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’ with Shahrukh Khan. When I first saw the movie I was both amused and on the other hand surprised how much they differ from what I used to see in European or American cinema. Quite frankly the level of emotion was beyond anything i have ever seen. I still enjoy that movie. I haven’t seen any Imtiaz Ali films yet, unfortunately, but I will definitely watch “Rockstar” once I get the chance.

A Rockstar poster after the initial pencil work

Give us a short explanation of your process for designing these posters.
It was H-One company that gave me directions through out. At the beginning I received several photo shots from the movie which were very helpful when creating general composition and rough sketches for approval. Knowing the general synopsis I wanted each poster to focus on a different theme from the movie, like love, price of fame etc. Once each sketch was accepted, I made a precise pencil drawing, which were later on scanned and colored in Adobe Photoshop. The digital remastering process also included loads of filters, adjustment layers, textures and other effects to make them stand out. Later on I designed all the typography which included credits and a title. I have to say, I was pleased with how they turned out.

The font you used in your designs, is that an original font? If not, what is it called?
The “Rockstar” title/brand was initially inspired by the font called Iron H Metal, but in the end I modified and changed it so much that you can easily call it a custom made type. It came to live with help of my brother Krzysztof, man behind StudioKxx.com.

The same Rockstar poster, finished

What do you think of the final images that are being used on the website?
Well, to tell you the truth the changes made came to me as a bit of surprise… I’m not going to lie – I prefer my typography treatment for sure, but still believe the finals are original among other Bollywood movie posters.

What else are you working on right now?
I have few projects lined up: doing some designs for a large liquor company, along with some more t-shirt and snowboard artworks in next few weeks. In the near future I’m planning to take a break from design/illustration and get back to more art related projects… will see how it turns out.

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All images reproduced with the artist’s permission.