Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh

If you haven’t watched The Viral Fever’s Permanent Roommates you should right that wrong fairly soon. It tells the story of Mikesh (Sumeet Vyas) and Tanya (Nidhi Singh), a young couple navigating their relationship with all the hilarity and chaos that being in love in modern India can bring.

The show returns for Season 2, starting on the 14th of February. We went to a screening and watched the first episode. I won’t give away much but I can tell you there’s chaos, cameos and crises of the most monumental kind.

We asked Sumeet and Nidhi a few quick questions ahead of the launch of the show.

What do you like best about Mikesh and Tanya’s relationship?
Nidhi: It’s very complex but at times it suddenly just feels right so I like that graph in the relationship. It’s quite fun.

Sumeet: That there is no diplomacy. They are really upfront with each other. When she hates him she says it aloud and he clearly – I don’t think he has a filter. [Laughs] He doesn’t even know about diplomacy or being shrewd. He just says whatever comes to his head and does whatever he thinks should be done so I guess that’s very endearing and that’s as good as it gets in a relationship. [Laughs]

Permanent Roommates feels very real – what is the biggest lie that movies and TV shows tell you about love?
Sumeet: Happily ever after does not exist. There will be phases when you’re not living happily every after but you’re still living together and you stick it out. I think that ‘happily ever after’ is just a phase. It keeps coming and going. There will be a month where you are really happy and then three months where you hate each other but you wait it out for that next one month when you’re very happy and excited to be with each other.

As an actor, what do you like best about being a part of this show?
Nidhi: The fact that it is written and produced by The Viral Fever is a very big deal for me because those people are like my family. They are very close to my heart, not just because I’ve known them for a long time, they are just really really nice people. When you’re working with a team like that there is no hierarchy, everyone’s ideas are welcome. You just feel so grateful about coming to work every single day. A lot more goes into the final product than just the acting or writing, but just that experience that we have together on a shoot or even in a narration, it’s absolute madness and it’s so much fun. So that is the most awesome part.

Sumeet: That they let me do my thing. It’s the case for all the actors who work with them. TVF has a lot of respect for actors. They don’t treat actors like they’re unintelligent beings which generally is the perception outside. [Smiles] Actors are equally intelligent, they also read the same books that other people do, you know… That’s what I really like about them and they are really grounded, the entire unit. There is no hierarchy, everybody is equal, everyone is just doing their job and having a good time which is what makes it fun.

What is the most interesting Permanent Roommates fan interaction you’ve had?

If you had to answer as your character – what is the key to a good relationship?
Tanya: Honesty.
Mikesh: Contraceptives. [Laughs]

Permanent Roommates Season 2 starts 14th February 2016. Watch it online.

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