Cool Internet Stuff: Vol. 26

Mad Men Opening Titles Re-Design
Paul Rogers clearly had fun with his re-imagining of the title sequence for the cult hit television show Mad Men.
Nice clean lines and smooth animation.

And it does as good a job of setting the mood.

I am aware that I am really late to the party on this one. This film has racked close to a quarter million views. It is beautifully designed, cleverly animated and I just love these snake-eating-its-own-tale stories.

Bravo Andre Bergs, Arno De Grijs, Floris Vos, Kevin Megens and Alex Debicki.

Another graduation film, another example of tight storytelling. This one has action, violence, a mild hint of raunchiness and a wonderfully vibrant colour palette.

Filmmaker Julien Regnard clearly has a tight grasp of the rhythms of this type of storytelling. Short and sweet. Nicely done.

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