Weekend Watching 06.08.16

URBAN NATURE on Weekend Watching 060816 on OneSmallWindow.com

This weekend we have a quick snapshot of sculptor Jaime Molina who does interesting things with wood and nails, a quirky fashion film that looks great, an animated student short that puts a new spin on chess, a motion graphics piece that talks about the potential for growth in Africa, and a wonderful short film called


which is about a 10 year old boy's difficult summer vacation.

Weekend Watching 16.07.16

James Hetfield in BRIONI PRESENTS METALLICA on Weekend Watching 160716 on OneSmallWindow.com

This weekend we have a documentary about a man who has single-handedly built a 52,000 square foot model train set, two gorgeous animated short films that do emotion better than most live action shorts, a music video/documentary hybrid about the skating scene in Atlanta, and a funny promo film for the suiting brand Brioni.