Weekend Watching 30.04.16

John Leguizamo in PORZINGOD on Weekend Watching 300416 on OneSmallWindow.com

This weekend we have a funny short film about a teenager's plan to strike up a conversation with a girl he likes, an equally funny short that also serves as a prayer for the future of the New York Knicks, an animated love note to the horror genre, another animated short in which a psychologist explains why he is against empathy, and a beautifully animated student film about memories and loss.

Weekend Watching 09.04.16

FOLLOWINC MEXICO on Weekend Watching 090416 on OneSmallWindow.com

Six new short films this weekend including a travel video set in Mexico featuring the couple behind the viral tag FollowMe, a short documentary on the artist Colette Robbins, an animated short about a pair of scissors escaping a kitchen, a very clever short film about a gas station robbery, a fake Presidential campaign ad made using only stock footage, and a documentary about Levis's 501 jeans.

Weekend Watching 26.03.16

RISE on Weekend Watching 260316 on OneSmallWindow.com

This weekend we have a sci-fi short film that is also a proof-of-concept for a feature; a melancholy animated short about the things you cannot outrun; a motion graphics piece from a documentary about Syrian refugees; a short documentary about a banker who quit her job to climb mountains; and a gorgeously animated piece about the future of employment.