Weekend Watching 27.09.14

Molly C. Quinn in THE SHIFT on Weekend Watching 270914 on OneSmallWindow.com

We've got three pieces of fiction this weekend -- one starring actress Kirsten Dunst, the other starring Molly C. Quinn (from the TV show Castle), and the third starring an alien creature that could well make it to a major cineplex near you sometime in the future; we've got an amazing video showcasing the art and skill of freediving; and we are starting it all off with a technically brilliant music video.

Weekend Watching 20.09.14

WHISPER on Weekend Watching 200914 on OneSmallWindow.com

In our weekly celebration of amazing filmmaking we've got a short documentary about a type designer; a travel film; a film for an advertising award; an animation about appliances and their relationship with the humans who use them; a recreation of famous scenes from movies using stock footage; and a beautifully moving portrayal of women aging. Come on in.

Weekend Watching 13.09.14

ENTANGLED on Weekend Watching 130914 on OneSmallWindow.com

One of the fiction shorts we are featuring today just showed at the Toronto Film Festival, but all the films we've featured today are cool examples of creativity from the filmmaking world.

Weekend Watching 06.09.14

THE SAND STORM on Weekend Watching 060914 on OneSmallWindow.com

We've got three films that will make you want to travel; a fiction piece about a time traveler; the third film in mark Mazur's Summer trilogy; a short film starring a famous artist; very cute animation; and a dramatic video game promo that does narrative better than a lot of major movie trailers.