Weekend Watching 26.07.14

THE SLAP on Weekend Watching 260714 on OneSmallWindow.com

We've got an oddly compelling parody of that 'strangers kissing' video, we've got a documentary set in San Francisco, we've got another documentary about a photographer doing interesting work with food, and we've got a short fiction piece that is another great example of telling a big story without being overly flashy.

Weekend Watching 05.07.14

ODILE ET MICHEL on Weekend Watching 050714 on OneSmallWindow.com

Three fiction shorts, three documentaries, an animation, and a message film come together in a robust selection. We have one of the best--and most harrowing--shorts we've ever featured in this section, and we've got multiple examples of superlative filmmaking.

Have a great weekend.

Weekend Watching 14.06.14

THE LAST GAME on Weekend Watching 140614 on OneSmallWindow.com

We have a one-take short film that does a powerful job of underscoring the folly of man; two football World Cup-related shorts; a beautiful animation from the New York Times about modern relationships; a documentary about Stanely Kubrick's early photography work, and a beautiful travel story.