Weekend Watching 13.06.15

A-Z OF A COOL HOTEL on Weekend Watching 130615 on OneSmallWindow.com

This weekend we've got two very entertaining ad films that work pretty effectively as short narratives; a cool animated promo for a creative business; an animated short about a kid on a piƱata farm--every bit as cool as it sounds; a fashion film that is unlike most others in its space; and a short film about a man with a multi-purpose device.

Weekend Watching 06.06.15

TOKYO ROAR on Weekend Watching 060615 on OneSmallWindow.com

We've got a film about building a tree house; a very cool music video; a dramatic visit to Tokyo; a short film with an interesting take on the afterlife; an ambient video that does magical things with reflections; a short video about making music with the sounds of New York; and a fan film that places the iconic creatures from the Predator movies in the Dark Ages.

That's right, seven cool shorts for your viewing pleasure this weekend.