Weekend Watching 07.05.16

THE D IN DAVID on Weekend Watching 070516 on OneSmallWindow.com

We have another adaptation of a Charles Bukowski poem this week, along with a mischievous animation featuring the legendary David sculpture, a short short about random public embarrassment, a documentary about a man who turns trash into beautiful sculptures, an animated short about cleaning trash from outer space, and a short film about a chance encounter between an artist and the man who approaches her to sketch his picture.

Weekend Watching 30.04.16

John Leguizamo in PORZINGOD on Weekend Watching 300416 on OneSmallWindow.com

This weekend we have a funny short film about a teenager's plan to strike up a conversation with a girl he likes, an equally funny short that also serves as a prayer for the future of the New York Knicks, an animated love note to the horror genre, another animated short in which a psychologist explains why he is against empathy, and a beautifully animated student film about memories and loss.

Weekend Watching 09.04.16

FOLLOWINC MEXICO on Weekend Watching 090416 on OneSmallWindow.com

Six new short films this weekend including a travel video set in Mexico featuring the couple behind the viral tag FollowMe, a short documentary on the artist Colette Robbins, an animated short about a pair of scissors escaping a kitchen, a very clever short film about a gas station robbery, a fake Presidential campaign ad made using only stock footage, and a documentary about Levis's 501 jeans.