Weekend Watching 22.10.16

BREAKFAST on Weekend WAtching 221016 on OneSmallWindow.com

This weekend we have a beautifully filmed meditation on breakfast in LA, a short about a dishwashing robot, another short about a writer who falls afoul of story editors, a short documentary about the artist Julian Klincewicz, and a funny short film about being stuck at work.

Weekend Watching 01.10.16

REACTOR on Weekend Watching 011016 on OneSmallWindow.com

Six pieces of video this weekend including short animated pieces celebrating Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and the Indiana Jones story, a gorgeously animated action adventure set in a futuristic world, a documentary about the origins of the High Five, another documentary about a man who cycles many many miles each morning, and an abstract animated piece that is high in beauty and emotion.

Weekend Watching 17.09.16


This weekend we have two pieces about finding ideas, a sci-fi fantasy short, an educational animation that is beautiful to look at, an experimental video set in a courtyard inside the Louvre in Paris, and a music video that is great to watch as well as listen to.

Weekend Watching 03.09.16

TRACTION on Weekend Watching 030916 on OneSmallWindow.com

This weekend we have a short comedy about how things get awkward during a first date; a short documentary about a Cuban boxer who gave up tremendous fortune and fame to stay true to his roots; a beautifully filmed short film that became the basis for a feature film; and a short visual analysis of the framing and cinematography in the HBO mini series The Night Of.